0.0.4 New Machines, automate stuff

Hello everyone,

I did a few updates in version 0.0.4.

FIXEDImproved performance on larger maps
ADDEDAdded tooltip (It says what items you need to craft and which items to get)
FIXEDFixed bug where workers sometimes clicked on a block twice
ADDEDNew Workbench-, Sieve-, Barrel-MK2 (lets you create items in a row)
CHANGEDRight-click to open menus
CHANGEDLeft-clicking on objects increases the current click
CHANGEDTo dismantle objects click on the bottom left on the red button with the cross inside
ADDEDCursor icon
ADDEDSelected item is displayed in a different color in the inventory
ADDEDSaplings can only be placed on dirt
ADDEDWorkers are 10 percent faster on stone
ADDEDBarrel can be crafted in workbench
ADDEDNew Items: Copper Wire, Stick
ADDEDIcons for items(need rework)

If you already have Skyworld, you just have to start the game and it automatically updates.


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Feb 06, 2018

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